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Never underestimate the power of good business writing.

Your copy is the voice of your brand. The words you choose, the way you say things, conveys so much about who you are.


Your copy is responsible for everything from ensuring the clarity of your message to expressing your brand’s personality


When done well, it not only gives your business credibility, it resonates with your audience’s emotions, values, and desires. And that inspires confidence in your brand. 


Good copy is about connection. 

C key

is for Compelling, Convincing, Clear, Concise, Connection

I’m Angie, a freelance copywriter based in Glasgow, Scotland. 


I’m here to help you find your voice, tell your story, hone your message, and engage with the audience you want to reach. 


I understand that you’re more than a business: you’re a human being using business as a means to connect with and serve other humans, to share your values and make the world a better place. 


Whatever your project, I’ll craft copy that is clear, readable, relatable, and authentically YOU. Together, we’ll make sure your message not only reaches your audience, but CONNECTS with them.


Nice things people have said about me 🙂

Elvira Roger.jpeg
"I had the pleasure of working with Angie when she was copywriting in-house, and when I started my own company, I knew she was the one I wanted to help with our English-language marketing materials. Through a combination of copywriting, translation, copyediting, and consulting, she has been helping us to develop the English version of our website, and she also wrote copy for a print brochure that we took to an important trade show in London. What I love about working with Angie is that she is able to grasp projects with relatively little information, but she is extremely conscientious about her work, researching and asking plenty of questions to make sure that she’s understood the brief and the brand inside and out. Her grasp of the Spanish language and culture is excellent, so that she understands the nuance and the personality in what we want our copy to say. I am looking forward to working with her more as we continue to expand into the international market."

Elvira Roger Pérez de Lucia, CEO and Founder, Singular Locations

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